04/24/22 Traitors of the Lost Ark - Chris White

Traitors of the Lost Ark

(The Sad Story of Uzzah and the Ark of the Covenant) 2 Samuel 6

1. __________________________ determined to bring the Ark of the Covenant to ____________________________.

2. The number of people David gathered together from all the chosen men of Israel:  _________________.

3. _____________________ prevailed above all.

4. It was also A Day of Shocking _________________  2 Samuel 6.6-7.

5. The Ark was carried on a ___________________cart.  6.2-3

6. Drivers were   ______________ and _________________.  They had grown up around the Ark.

7. When the cart got to the _______________ floor,   ______________ touched the Ark and was struck down.

8. The Ark was surrounded by specific instruction for sacred care.  The Ark had seen a prolong period of neglect in Israel.  This ignoring the Ark was tantamount ignoring the ____________________.

9. Psalm 119.11 Thy word have I laid on my heart, that  might not _______________ against thee

10. This becomes a means of divine instruction

Danger of Misguided Religious __________________

Romans 10.1-2  zeal needs to be tempered with knowledge

The Presence of a Great ____________________?

The Air of __________________ ?

The way to please God is open the Bible and find out how he wants us to live. 


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