03/20/22 Are you Afraid of the Truth? - Chris White

Are You Afraid of the Truth? 

1 Kings 22


Ahab and Jehosophat

1.       An unholy ___________________________________

A wicked King says I want Ramoth-Gilead

2. An unholy ___________________________________

A good king and wicked king join hands

3. An Unworthy ______________________________ v.5

They made their plans and then turned to God

4. 400 prophets all said to ____________ Ramoth-Gilead v.6

5. Micaiah said, As Jehovah liveth, what Jehovah _______ unto me, that will I ___________ v.14

6. Micaiah was trying to _________________ Ahab’s life.

7. Jehosophat dressed like a king; Ahab dressed like a common ___________________________________.

8. The arrow that struck Ahab was aimed at __________.

9. Jesus ____________________in front of the arrow of God’s wrath Isa. 53.4

10. Never be afraid of the ________________. John 14.1-4