03/14/2021 “Jesus, The Resurrection and The Life”

“Jesus, The Resurrection and The Life”
John 11: 38-44


1.          The significance of John chapter 11
2.          The significance of the raising of Lazarus

a. _____________________________________________

b. _____________________________________________

c. _____________________________________________

1. Explain How does Jesus’ raising a person from the dead differ from a resurrection____________________________________________

2. Based on what Scripture reference?__________________________

Lazarus,’ the Greek form of _____________ = God is ___________.”

A. Our Request for Help in Times of Trouble
1. (John 11:1-3) A request is brought to Jesus.
2. (John 11:4-6) When Jesus responds with a delay.
3. (John 11:7-10) Jesus decides to go to Judea and Jerusalem.

B. When the answer we prayed  for is not the answer that we get.
1. (John 11:11-15) Jesus tells them plainly of Lazarus’ death.
2. (John 11:16) Thomas’ bold faith.
3. (John 11:17-22) Martha greets Jesus as He comes to Bethany.
4. (John 11: 23-27 When The Lord Has a Better Answer, But We really Don’t Understand  His Answer “I am the resurrection and the life.”
5. (John 11:27) Our Resemblance to Martha’s Anemic and Ambiguous Response When it’s Our Situation. (“Do you believe this?” Verse 26)

C. When Your Crowd of Family, Friends and Comforters Is Just Not Enough, Take It To Jesus
1. (John 11:28-34) Mary Leaves The Crowd and Brings Her Heavy Heart to Jesus
2. (John 11:35) The Heart and Humanity of Jesus Weeps With Us and For Us Because We Are His Loved Ones (Hebrews 4:14-15).  
3. (John 11:36-44) Our Situation is Never Too Long, Too Awful or Too Rotten For Jesus to Handle
4. Do Your Best and Let Him Handle What You Can’t.
Conclusion: ______________________________________________


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