02/28/2021 "Dinosaurs and The Bible"

Dinosaurs and The Bible

1. The word “dinosaurs” comes  from 2 Greek words:



2. God created dinosaurs the same way he created everything else--He __________ and they were.

3. Dinosaurs would have been created the same day mankind was created—Day #_______.

4. Are the 6 days of creation to be understood as ______ hour days?

5. Gen 1.5—he defines his terminology

     “…there was evening and there was ___________ one day.”

6. Exodus  20.11 speaks of ______days of creation                  for in six days Jehovah made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is…,

7. Job 40.15—“behemoth”— is transliteration from the Hebrew.  Some versions  call it a __________ or_________.  Does  Job 40 match assumption?  _____ (yes or no)

8. Job 41.25  Leviathan      Can alligators or crocodiles “raise themselves up”? _______

9. The God who made dinosaurs, can also create new ___________________ out of sinful ones.


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