07/24/22 Encouraging Words - Chris White

Encouraging Words

Hebrews 10.19-25

1. The church is that divinely designed ____________________ group everyone needs.

2. The difference between affirmation and appreciation

Affirmation: We affirm who a person ___________________________

Appreciation: We appreciate what a person _____________________

3. Heb.10:25

For sure, God wants you to go to ______________________________

Heb 10.25 Has two commands:

a. Don’t ___________________________________ the assembly

b. _________________________________________ one another

4.We encourage one another to go to church--but also we go to church in order to _______________________________________ one another.

5. Watch out for:

A. Self __________________________________________--Narcissism

The paradox of Christianity is that self fulfillment comes from self ___________________________________.

B. Individualism

The Lord’s Supper is a _______________________ not a devotion

C. ______________________________________________Christianity

1. Hebrews 10.19 –

Christ has done two things--

a. opened the way to God and he

b. has made us worthy

6.It's ___________________________, but it’s not cheap.


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