03/21/2021 " What was Jesus Really Like?"

What was Jesus Really Like?

1. Philippians  3.10-11  “…That I may ______________ him...”

2. 2 Tim 2.12  For I ___________________ whom I believed…

3. Jesus came in likeness of _______________,  on our level to rescue us from ourselves and enable us to know Him.

4. The world is so spiritually _______________________their  representations of Jesus ________________________with seeing his true personality.

  John 21—What did Jesus say that caused them to recognize him? 

  A.  Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

  B.  Cast your bread on the water.

  C.  Cast your net on the right side.

6. Luke 24.13 Jesus asked,  “____________________ things?”

7. Luke 24.30 When Jesus ________________ they recognized who he was.

8. Don’t let the bankruptcy of the world interfere with  __________________________ the real Jesus.


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