03/28/2021 "The Lamb of God"

The Lamb of God

1. “The Lamb of God”   This is the _________________ figure of speech to describe Jesus in the New Testament.

2. “Lamb” used 5 times in the first ______________ books of the New Testament.

3. The “lamb” used 29 times in the book of Revelation, the _______________________ book of the New Testament.

4. In the Passover the key element was ________________ .

5. Exodus 12—Is the final plague and the simultaneous inauguration of the ____________________ Feast.

6. What were the Jewish people told to mark with the blood?  A. bushes B. Door posts C. Curb

7. Matthew 23.27--As a courtesy, before the Passover, they would paint the sepulchers _____________________.

8. John 1.29 means he takes away the sins of the world (by taking them upon ____________________________).


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