02/13/22 Learning to Trust in the Lord - Bill Hardy

“Learning to Trust In The Lord”
Jeremiah 17:5-8

What does it mean to TRUST?

Trust is defined as___________________________________

Trust appears 594 times 158 NT 436 OT

Hebrew word: batach (baw-takh')

to have confidence in, be confident in, to be secure in, to feel safe, to rely on

“In God We Trust?” ___________________________________

Slogan or Sacred? ____________________________________

Cliché or Commitment? _______________________________

National Moto or Personal Mandate? ____________________

On my money or my heart? ____________________________

Words to say or a way to live? __________________________

How do I know if I am truly Trusting in God?___________________________________________________

How can I learn to Trust in God more?___________________________________________________

Trust and Obey? _____________________________________


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